Zenkoji Temple, Welcome to Amida Buddha’s World

Gate of Zenkoji Temple


Zenkoji is a ‘living’ temple preserving the religious fervor of a functioning pilgrimage Mecca. The Clouds of incense smoke and prayers of countless pilgrims at the main hall attest its importance as an authentic place of worship.

INORI, a place for prayer
All are welcome, regardless of gender, creed, or religious belief. Zenkoji is a non-sectarian temple whose religious leaders (a priest and a priestess ) share the responsibility for rituals.



HIKARI, a place for light

Although its main statue in unseen, the faith practiced here transcends idol worship. Zenkoji’s Buddha triad is a symbol of light, leading to the acquisition of wisdomand truth.


SATORI, a place for  enlightenment

In the pitch-black tunnel below Zenkoji’s Main Hall, we learn to realize that all people are completely equal. While groping in the darkness for the key to Pure Land, free yourself of worldly thoughts, engange in self-reflection and even experience a spiritual awakening.


Zenkoji has been open to women through the ages. Now, about six million people visit here annually and more than half of them are women. Their purpose is a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to ensure salvation. They can also touch the “Key to Pure Land” located in a pitch-black passageway under the main altar.



Nagano City, Japan

Neisa Hadhnah R.A.

Delegation of Muhammadiyah Indonesia

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