Indonesia Wary of Human Trafficking

Indonesia Wary of Human Trafficking

Written by : Qisthy Fajriyanti

Mahasantri Ma’had ‘Aly STAIM Bandung


Indonesia is a big country which means it also has large population of people. The large population influences  job availability in Indonesia, which is already a low rate. This situation has made Indonesian people search for jobs in other countries. Indonesians want to work in other countries because other places provide a larger salary. Indonesian people who work outside of the country are mostly woman. Many people do not know the procedures and  rules that they must follow in other to work  in other countries this lack of knowledge about out of country work has made Indonesian people vulnerable to trafficking, especially woman.


Human trafficking is not something that only happens outside of the country, but-it also happens in Indonesia. Most victim are teenagers, woman, and also children under 18 years old. Some perpetrators of trafficking aquire the teenagers, and children by kidnapping them, or entice by money.

Indonesian people search for jobs in other countries. From research by the US embassy, Indonesian estimated that 1.9 million out of 45 million Indonesians work outside country  and they are mostly woman. The country’s exploits into forced labor outside country most of them were hired as domestic workers, factory workers, construction workers, and workers in palm oil plantation in Malaysia— all at once to be victims of sex trafficking.


Many people do not know the procedures and  rules that’s made Indonesian people vulnerable to trafficking. From research by The US embassy, Indonesian government has said that more than one million of the 1.9 million workers from Indonesia are not official in Malaysia. The Indonesian victims have been identified in other countries in Asia and the Middle East during the statements period — include South Korea— also in the Pacific, Africa, Europe (including the Netherlands and Turkey), as well as South America.

Human trafficking also happens in Indonesia. Men who are victims of human trafficking, will be forced labor, their labor exploited for work usually they work in plantations or large fishing vessel and the factory. And some perpetrators of human trafficking also selling the organs of the victims. which are then sold usually, the eyes, heart or kidneys.

Women, teenage girls, and girls under 18 years old were used as commercial sex workers. They become sex workers in the Indonesian region and also outside the country, when social media is used, the level of  human trafficking for the sex workers is increasing. Through social media along with the lure of well-paid jobs, teenagers often get stuck.

”When Indonesian government closed the prostitution in 2014, the protection for women who work in the area of prostitution was reduced, so that adds to the vulnerability to the sex trade in other areas, including Bali and Papua. Children are victims of sex trafficking in Batam, Riau Islands province, and in the province of West Papua in previous years. Many of the report showed an increase in the number of students and high school students who use social media to recruit and persuade students, including those who are still under the age of 18, to the commercialization of sex. The Riau Islands, which borders Singapore, and Bali, is a tourism destination of sex.” According to The US embassy

In conclusion Indonesian government must create enough jobs for Indonesian society itself, not to the jobs available in Indonesia was filled with citizens of other countries, while for Indonesia society itself does not exist. Indonesian society should also be more careful with uncertain job offers. If you really want to work abroad, you must follow all rules and know all the consequences. Also, for teenagers who definitely have social media, they should be more cautious, strain all the information obtained, do not easily be tempted by what was promised or offered. because it could have been any sense of obstruction posed by preparators to attract young people to become victims of human trafficking. Combating human trafficking cases should be through cooperation only between the government and the society itself. Treatment and prevention can be done with making society aware of the dangers of human trafficking.



U.S. Embassy

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